Aahar Rath



Indian  Traditional  Dishes.


A socio design research that started in 2010 as a designer mobile catering outlet. The promotion of Indian traditional dishes in a very unique and stylish way is also a means of creating self employment and social service opportunities. The aim is to highlight Indian Traditional Dishes which are losing their true essence day by day due to absence of their availability to all at a place.


The government has no official database of people on road. Therefore, in an attempt to create credible data of particular locations and to provide insurance in several sectors including basic education in long run, aahar rath has been conceptualized.


We research and develop by an interactive engagement process. Our team of young researchers work and live with real time roadside vendors and lower level entrepreneurs. This enables an understanding for the process of scenario building at every stage. Starting from food products to the placement of the product and customer service, we explore every avenue to reach refined and revised solutions.


Aahar Rath inculcates a broad spectrum of management duties and provides training on food preparation, exploration, food safety, insurance, hygiene and soft skills. From designing the roadside stalls to proper waste management plans, are all under the umbrella of aahar rath. Highlighting the local cuisine and keeping it as authentic as possible is what ‘aahar rath’ stands for.



To streamline India’s biggest resource “The Youth Energy” by creating self employment opportunities through leadership for promotion of Indian Traditional and healthy cuisines with concern for social and human values.


  1. To upgrade the working standards hence upgrading the lifestyle of self employers who are vending street food.
  2. To create opportunities for employment and social service, (educating people through practical training and other programs creating awareness for quality standards).
  3. To promote health through healthy food hence creating a healthy nation.
  4. To create security, insurance for future of each and every youth so that they feel free to work further and take calculated risks.
  5. To become largest food chain of Indian Traditional Dishes, hence meeting the requirement of maximum people everyday.
  6. To become largest team of disabled, unemployed, literates and uneducated working together for one cause.
  7. To become the professional trainer for self employed and entrepreneurs.
  8. To become a minor helping hand for government by developing a professional database system with real time location