Adept Consultancies


Countryouths believes in the concept where communication should be simple, clear and loud; bringing a very subtle USP to the work process of the team. Countyouths, since its inception is working with a clear mission of empowering  the beneficiary by creating awareness and possibilities for their proceeding areas of work.


A provision of various adept consultancies are translated as services in various fields. Understanding the core areas of development and providing progressive solutions is the main area of our expertise.


Policy Analysis and development


Government and private policies of companies


Countryouths brings in an avenue where it empowers all the stakeholders with evaluated, analysed and simplified clarifications of the policies. We pave a way for smooth implementation or development of policies. We consociate all the stakeholders at every stage to develop the evaluation plan and determine the methods and procedures involved in the process.


  • Analysis of existing policies:  Analytical and descriptive understanding of policies, with  an amalgamation of planning implementation and utilization.


  • Analysis for development of new policies:  Prescriptive, involved with formulating policies and proposals.


Data collection always has been first hand approach to avoid discrepancies and to process it for maximum output on real time scenario. Assessed resources are implemented in collaborative manner to make the plan as engaging as possible.


We expertise in scenario building and assess unforeseen problems, which are solved using our research team of administrators, economists,  professionals of several fields, corporate inputs, grass root level executors and the beneficiary.


Business Consultancy

Entrepreneurship and developmental programs propel a constant encouragement of new ventures, hence incubation of new ventures is offered. For the refinement of business transparency, financial and office literature are designed for an organised way of presentation. Similarly, branding is an important part of marketing the venture, therefore the right branding is a must.


Business Development

Business development is considered through a thorough SWOT analysis wherein the core areas are outlined and put the business in a position to excel. Considering the market, the mergers and acquisition of a business is practiced  for the enhancement of the business. For an existing business, restructure and renovation services are provided for the effective working of the particular setup.


Educational Consultancy

Educational setups for creative learning are offered at all levels of societal strata. Teaching and learning materials serve huge importance of presenting future minds, hence a lot of emphasis is put on the development of Teaching and Learning  Materials (TLM). The world is in a huge demand of creative leaders. We at Countryouths join hands with our beneficiaries to create a creative ecosystem to harnessing self sustainability.




Countryouths markets as per the positioning of the business and targets the appropriate customer and consumer. Placement of the product is totally based on research which inculcates the direct input from the end user, that derives real time data and information for product enhancement. For new markets, Countryouths designs a proper distribution channel tracked and backed by technology, which almost negates the risk factors.