Brand Consultants


TEAM Dezine Solvent is a brand, design and marketing consultancy that’s spent the last 6 years helping people build brands.

Since we started in 2007 we’ve created over 30 brand identities, 500s of items of literature, gazillions of packs, written umpteen brand strategies, 15 marketing strategies, a hell of a lot of words, designed & built over 40 websites, art directed over 500 photoshoots, shot many 500s of high definition images in our photographic studio, written, designed & produced 100s of press ads.

In short, we name brands, position them, give them identities and personalities. Then we help develop what they do, identify who they do it for, put them in touch with each other, write the words, draw the pictures, design things, photograph and illustrate stuff, create online tools to help track progress and research new ideas and probably a whole lot more.

But most importantly, we only choose to work on projects that we have a personal belief in and that we would be consumers of ourselves. That way we always get it. All we ask is that our clients keep an open mind, display our credit on everything we do, pay us on time and enjoy the process from beginning to end.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented people and great companies over the last 19 years. Take a butcher’s at our client list.

When we set Dezine Solvent up in 2007, our aim was simple – enjoy every single day of our lives, working with like-minded people who value our approach and who are prepared to give us the freedom to deliver truly creative solutions to their problems.

Basically we follow a principle “work like a labour and live like a king”

Since then, thanks to our long list of accommodating clients, we’ve achieved our goal. We continue to grow in number and have expanded our range of services. We’ve also discovered some top talent along the way, most of whom we’ve hired.

Our TEAM now comprises commercial and brand strategists, art directors, designers, copywriters, art workers, web developers, account managers, illustrators, photographers, animators, sales promotion experts and, most recently, some social media and marketing boffs.



No matter what the project is, here at Dezine Solvent, we always insist on working through our branding process to establish the creative brief with our clients. One of the reasons we never pitch is that we believe it is impossible to gain a real understanding of a brand without working closely with the owners. One of the other reasons is that we charge lots of money for this work and don’t believe in giving things away for free.



Everything we do at Dezine Solvent, has to look fantastic. We believe that design is about evoking as well as telling a clear story exploiting every single one of the senses. Every creative brief we work on needs to allow us the freedom to explore any opportunity at the outset and not limit our imaginations. This is another reason why we never work on projects where design guidelines are already in place as we’re not good at adhering to rules.



At Dezine Solvent, we believe that marketing is all about knowing who you are talking to, what you want them to think and then working out how you are going to make them think those thoughts. This starts with the brand proposition and ends with a thank you letter from your most loyal consumer inviting you to their wedding because they love your brand so much.