Campaigns Awareness

The more you connect the more opportunity you have to radiate. The real treasure that we share with our campaigns are recall values and recall points.


Countryouths works with a strategy to build up the momentum and get into real life of people to develop the scenario building process of a single campaign. As awareness is a slow process we ensure the campaigns to be creative and indulging as we build upon activities for engaging maximum number of beneficiaries. Our campaigns are designed around our networks with strong backends. Our connections to every strata of the society via collaborations even at grass root level keeps us in a position to interconnect at multi-levels.


  • Designing Campaigns
  • Execution of Campaigns


Using our existing sources, we follow six standard steps to reach out to design exclusive ideas for the campaigns:


Outreach: Generally raising awareness of the brand and its offers.

Targeting: Directly identifying our target prospects and getting our message to them.

Capture: Where possible, obtain the prospect’s contact details, so that we can continue to market to them directly.

Nurture: Fully communicate the benefits of our proposition, and try to resolve any objections, until the prospect is ready to buy.

Close: Make the “sale” (which is not always a financial transaction).

Continuity: Once we have a new customer, what else can we do to keep them happy?