Countryouths Industries Limited


A journey followed by days on road to youth struggle, mode of proprietor to partnership moving ahead with private limited, the company took its root in the mind of our 15 young and dynamic entrepreneurs envisaging a way to the first ever company registered in Bihar, ROC to hold listing in public in next four years. Having thirty nine members in total including promoters and advisories of age less than 30 years “Countryouths Industries Limited” initiated its process of incorporation in June 2014, which got materialized on 25th December 2014.


Holding the date of Incorporation of 31st December 2014, the year 2015 appeared with a new song in life of 39 professionals working on single vision along with their diversified career.

To start the work with the concept of revolutionizing automobile service, bringing a new moon in the dark life of skilled and unskilled human resource, empowering each and every individual with skills in diversified sectors and providing information support to one and all.