CSR Initiatives


Social causes are refined and fine tuned through social entrepreneurship. Reports and proposals are prepared for presenting factual data from the primary resources. The well maintained close connection to various communities proves to be a strength of the team in deliverance of the cause.  The mantra is to challenge the aspirations of giving back by taking steps for positive developments in the society. By highlighting self reliance and infusing positivity, one is compelled to push their limits to greater change. Targeting people from all walks of life, there is one constant binding agent for achieving the multi level impact and that is empathy. Enhancing the awareness, understanding and knowledge of young Indian entrepreneurs on youth inclusion, social impact of climate change and social entrepreneurship business models and tools.


Our focus is also to involve the private sector for supporting backward and low income societies through agriculture & farming. Activation and execution of government policies is our stronghold.


Our CSR programs shall mainly focus on the following areas:


  • Farming
  • Women empowerment through entrepreneurship
  • Educational advancements
  • Skill Development
  • Sports and youth Activities
  • Health and wellness
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Child Development
  • Social Empowerment


  • Partnerships to preserve & promote indigenous heritage, culture, arts and handicrafts and promotion of state-of -art-technology with a blend of
  • Promotion of education as well as awareness generation on waste management
  • Awareness and initiatives on sustainable agriculture
  • Spreading awareness through education to our future generations about better

           waste management.

  • Encouraging peer to peer learning of skills and also provide a collateral platform for integrated learning and exchanging of skills from urban to rural and vice versa.