Fashion Design Education


Research started in 2005 in BHU- Banaras Hindu University where Applied Arts was highly celebrated among the aspirants of faculty of Visual Arts.

Then not a very old career in a setup where fashion and design was absolutely a luxury to common people it was really difficult to convince people for such booming career opportunities.


The formal education needed an overhauling, where design was likely to be introduced in the Indian scenario where parents are the only decision makers of  their ward’s career.


Countryouths directly aligned with like minded people has invested several years of a gradual process of inculcating the design education in ecosystem of awareness.

Taking a step forward, we intend to work in a broader spectrum to reach out every common individual  possible.


It turned out to be socially enterprising when Countryouths entered into awareness programs through forums, olympiads, school workshops, community workshops, etc, striving to understand the design education ecosystem at every level.


Countryouths after taking in consideration the aspirants, students, interns, professionals, executors, craftsmen and SHG’s, have developed a ‘Basics of Design’ education system which shall generate the power of creativity after a research of 11 years and we look forward to its implementation via collaboration with several other universities and international research institutions.


Basics of Design shall inculcate the topics and subject matters that shall help the students to understand the fundamentals of design so that they can relate their daily life activities with design. It will inject a thought process absolutely driven by creativity hence paving a way to creative leadership. It will help people to take up a formal career in design, skill enhancement socio- design entrepreneurship and research.