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Aahar Rath

Indian Traditional Dishes

Brainchild of Mr. Suraj Kumar,

Graduate of National Institute of fashion Technology, INDIA. Delhi Center.

Class of 2010, Department of Fashion Design
aahar rath


Indian  Traditional  Dishes.

A designer mobile catering outlet promoting Indian traditional dishes in a very unique & stylish way. A unique venture started by a fashion designer, passed out from “ National  Institute Of Fashion Technology , INDIA” along with other professionals creating self employment and social service opportunities together through promotion of Indian Traditional Dishes which are loosing their heritage day by day due to absence of their availability to all at a place.

A concept for part time (add on) employment along with respective careers of it’s members delivering right product at right product at right place through right service on right time to right person at right place.



To streamline India’s biggest resource “The Youth Energy” by creating self employment opportunities through leadership for promotion of Indian Traditional and healthy cuisines with concern for social and human values.



  1. To upgrade the working standards hence upgrading the lifestyle of self employers on the street who are vending street food.
  2. To create opportunities for employment and social service, (educating youth/people practically through training and other programs creating awareness for quality standards).
  3. To promote health through healthy food hence creating healthy nation.
  4. To create security, insurance for future of each and every youth so that they feel free to work further and take calculated risks.
  5. To become largest food chain of Indian Traditional Dishes, hence meeting the requirement of maximum people everyday.
  6. To become largest team of disabled, un-employed, literates and uneducated working together for one cause.
  7. To become the professional trainer for self employed and entrepreneurs.
  8. To become a tiny helping hand for government.