Nawa Bihan



Nawa Bihan

A CSR initiative

Supporting initiatives to enhance the livelihood and education system

Initiative of Mr. R. Ajay,

Graduate of National Institute of fashion Technology, INDIA, Kangra Center

Class of 2013, Department of Fashion Technology


Nawa Bihan is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) of Republic of India. Our 1000-plus highly active members work across the globe. What unites us is a commitment to working with the world’s poor and vulnerable, and a belief that we can make the world a more peaceful, just and prosperous place- together.

Nawa Bihan serves as a convener, thought leader and voice of our community. Through Nawa Bihan, the community’s reach and impact is larger than any other organization. Because we want real, long-term change, we work smarter: We mobilize our members to think and act collectively, because we know more is possible that way. We also know that how we get there matters. So we set high standards. We insist on respecting human dignity. We work in partnerships.

By belonging to Nawa Bihan, members gather to shape the direction of the members of Indian republic and across the globe as it leverages resources, creates and develops new partnerships, determines best practices, and protects the space and environment in which we operate.


Our Vision

To improvise the Socio-economic status of young underprivileged community by empowering them with self confidence and required skills to enable them to become educated, independent to contribute towards family and society.

Our Mission

Provide the required skill through training in traditional and non-traditional areas of employment. Create avenues for employment by increasing awareness of Nawa Bihan’s vision and mission among like-minded people in society. Enlist the support of volunteers competent in the chosen area for imparting training. Create necessary infrastructure to widen the scope and scale of training in chosen areas by mobilizing funds from individuals and institutional donors.




Nawa Bihan has more than 1000 members working in every developing state of Republic of India. Nawa Bihan has initiated its membership outside the country in just 2 years and about to have its first foreign office in United States followed by Australia and South Africa. Members are faith-based and secular, with a focus on the world’s most poor and vulnerable populations. Nawa Bihan is all set to have the largest alliance with organizations and partners identified as associate members across the globe.

Members share common commitments that define their work. Nawa Bihan members:

  • Foster economic and social development
  • Provide relief to those affected by disaster and war
  • Advance human rights
  • Support gender equity
  • Protect the environment
  • Address population concerns
  • Press for more equitable, just and effective public policies

Nawa Bihan membership is broad and inclusive. Nawa Bihan’s members vary widely in vision and initiatives but share an equal voice at Nawa Bihan. Some members are faith-based or faith founded and others are secular; still others focus their efforts on advocacy, public education and media education related to international issues instead of performing direct service. To encompass this wide range, Nawa Bihan defines development in the broadest sense. For our TEAM, development includes health, education, economic opportunity, gender equity, climate change and the environment, sustainability, democracy and government, and human rights.


Our Resources

Nawa Bihan, in its work to end poverty and help the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, produces many resources for a wide variety of audiences. These resources support Nawa Bihan members and partners in their work, they educate decision makers on humanitarian and development issues, and they bring these issues to the broader public.

These resources show the community’s breadth and depth of work in a nonpartisan and nonpolitical way. They are supported by detailed research from Nawa Bihan’s membership and working groups.

Members from different sectors of Education. Professionals graduated from centers of excellence of Republic of India are the biggest resources.


Our Works

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Events: Awareness Programmes

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