Skill Development


Team Countryouths has taken Skill Development Initiatives for better economies and for better societies, it aims to promote skill development by catalyzing creation of large, quality, for-profit vocational institutions. It is advisory to build scalable, for-profit vocational training initiatives. Its mandate is also to enable support systems such as quality assurance, information systems and train the trainer academies either directly or through partnerships.

We deliver services executive search, manpower outsourcing, labour laws audit compliance, training and learning environment, all tailored to provide solutions to help increase the productivity, performance and profitability of organizations through efficiently skilled manpower in almost every sector.


 The government focus:

Skill development and entrepreneurship efforts across the country have been highly fragmented so far. As opposed to developed countries, where the percentage of skilled workforce is between 60% and 90% of the total workforce, India records a low 5% of workforce (20-24 years) with formal vocational skills. There is a need for speedy reorganization of the ecosystem of skill development and entrepreneurship promotion in the country to suit the needs of the industry and enable decent quality of life to its population.

Today, more than 20 Ministries/Departments run 70 plus schemes for skill development in the country. However, there are gaps in the capacity and quality of training infrastructure as well as outputs, insufficient focus on workforce aspirations, lack of certification and common standards and a pointed lack of focus on the unorganized sector.

Recognizing the need and urgency of quickly coordinating the efforts of all concerned stakeholders in the field of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India notified the formation of the Department of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship on 31st July, 2014 which subsequently led to the creation of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship on 10th Nov, 2014.


Skill Dvelopment:

Skill Development means developing yourself and your skill sets to add value for the organization and for your own career development. Fostering an attitude of appreciation for lifelong learning is the key to workplace success. Continuously learning and developing one’s skills requires identifying the skills needed for mobility at Cal, and then successfully seeking out trainings or on-the-job opportunities for developing those skills.

The challenge of skilling / up-skilling 150 million by 2022 requires both fundamental education reform across primary, secondary and higher education and significant enhancement of supplementary skill development.

A major rural population of our youth is trapped in a cycle of poverty by a lack of diverse and market responsive education and skill building opportunities.

Youths born into informal economy families lack access to quality training institutes and as a result, they remain outside the mainstream market of employment. To address this, Countryouths provides Various Skill Development Programs :