Traditional Indian Crafts

India is a nation celebrated across the globe for its  heritage of explicable arts and crafts. Being a nation known for unity in its diversity, it is a home to an estimated 6.8 million artisans. The crafts sector could very well be the second largest source of employment in rural India after agriculture. The roots of Indian art and crafts are deeply entrenched in the culture and are capable of influencing the generations passing by. Crafts received royal and aristocratic patronage in earlier days and the aim is to recover the glory of the crafts.


With the advent of new technologies and consistent increase in demand of The Traditional Craft, the market has grown exponentially. Hence the crafts sector has immense possibilities for its global outreach. Countryouths takes pride in carving out new spheres of working for the crafts sector in being an interface between tradition and modernity.      

Countryouths bridges the gap and allows artisans to compete with products and practices of modern industrialization.


The focus is put on catering in the long run to the indigenous markets to make them self dependent by working on their strengths, offerings and not their weakness and expectations. Since organic markets are more dependable and less fleeting. By emulating the lifestyle of artisans, the true essence of the craft is captured and understood with empathy. This sets the direction for fostering the craft with self sustainable methods and creating value chain systems for people and not directly of the products.


For collaborative efforts, we intend to unite artisans originating from diverse backgrounds of India for exchange of thoughts. Setting up interactive sessions for artisans to intermingle and learn from each other, can hone their skills to strife for stability and self reliance.

The role in ushering economic and social change leads to encouraging environmentally sustainable and economically viable models of craft activity.


We create awareness of crafts for customers to understand the value and cultural heritage behind it and how it can be applicable fashionably in today’s modern society.

By empowering artisans with leadership qualities, we put them in a position of ownership of their creation which allows them to actively participate in decision making.  The organizational structure is defined by their real time on ground inputs, right from product planning to product placement.


  • Skill DevelopmentWe develop exclusive training programs based on geography and demography by inculcating the real time scenarios working styles, limitations and the personal commitments of artisans of even the lowest level.
  • To create fusion products- We at Countryouths bank on creative leadership traits of each and every individual by allowing them to enjoy creative freedom. We develop our fusion products by inculcating commercial values to the existing crafts keeping the traditional essence intact.
  • Customized marketing strategies for craft Handicraft has become a showpiece in our daily life, but unless we make it a daily use item this sector will find it very hard capture market space. In order to achieve the above, Countryouths will have to custom design marketing strategies for the crafts, so their market positioning move from decorative artifacts to useful everyday products.
  • Creating awareness- among the youth of the village.
  • Creating a middle-men less market- for the artisans, so they they get the kind of remuneration they deserve for their hard work.
  • Help artisan create self-help groups- in order to create employment to the unemployed youth of the rural areas, thus making them independent.
  • Letting the artisans know, about latest government policies, dedicated to craft based industries.
  • Countryouths will help them in procurement of the raw materials and all the necessary items.
  • An exclusive live platform- Providing a open platform for artisans from different ethnic backgrounds to perform and showcase live craftsmanship and the authenticity of every craft.