Vaahan Ghat


Countryouths since its inception has always addressed the  pain points of youth who are unemployed. The motivation of working at their own place and not just migrating to a new place has been the real focus.


“Vaahan Ghaat” an initiative of Coutryouths in automobile sector intends to consort every small and big mechanic even the smallest roadside puncture shop at one platform. This will empower the mechanics with sharing of the resources and customers with hassle services without any regret.


Vaahan Ghat addresses the services related to automobiles in small towns which creates self sustainability for the people living there. In today’s world of high degree of mobility maximum population posses a bike and many are blessed with a car new or old.


We at Vaahan Ghat believe in “time is money” and have solved a problem of standing in long lines for basic service and washing of automobiles. We have catered to the problems of masses and not just a small customer  base employing 15 people per unit. We strive to deliver global quality services locally.


  • Vaahan Ghat is dedicated in providing car cleaning solutions and it endeavors to bring a clean car culture for the people.


  • We provide almost all the services you’re looking for, from Express Exterior washing, to Full Service Car Washing, to Full and Express Detailing, and to Mobile Detailing.


  • Our extensive staff training ensures we provide prompt, high-quality service, allowing you to get in and out quickly—and exceptionally clean.


Our Services:

  • High pressure wash with the best accessories
  • Dashboard cleaning & polishing
  • Engine Cleaning with hot water /
  • steam car wash
  • Proper cleaning & drying of Foot mats
  • Body wash with Foam (Euro std.)
  • Cleaning of air vents and ash tray cleaning
  • Underbody/ Tyre arches cleaning without gantry/lift with high pressure without disturbing wheel balance & alignment
  • In the end, the car body will be sprayed with liquid wax (Euro std.) for a shiny surface and to protect the body from dirt / dust
  • Internal cleaning with suction vacuum using a special car tool (Air blow cleaning, a method banned by Govt. of India)
  • Inside out cleaning of windows & mirrors


General Service for Bike Servicing

  • Engine oil Level Check
  • Air filter Cleaning.
  • Tappet Clearance check adjustment.
  • Spark plug cleaning & Gap Adjustment.
  • Carburetor Cleaning.
  • Clutch Adjustment.
  • Lubrication: Clutch, Break, Chain, Speedometer.
  • Accelerator Adjustment.
  • Breaks wear inspection & Adjustment.
  • Brake shoe cleaning.
  • Nuts, Bolts & Fasteners.
  • Battery electrolyte Level Check & Top up.
  • Fork oil Level check up.
  • Fork play Alignment.
  • Chain sprocket cleaning.
  • All Bulbs Checking.